CSC Chair Bala in hot waters for proposing ban on e-cigs

Two major e-cigarette consumer groups are taking Civil Service Commission Chairman Alicia Dela Rosa-Bala to task for allegedly trying to hijack the Philippine panel position to an international tobacco control treaty discussion stressing that it is “obviously beyond the expertise and jurisdiction of the CSC to do so.”

The Vapers Philippines and the PRO Vape consumer groups questioned the presence of Bala at the recent Conference of Parties 7 (COP 7) for the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in New Delhi, India from Nov.7-12.


“According to fellow vapers in Europe, Chairman Bala as head of the Philippine delegation, supported a proposal that will allow an outright ban of e-cigarettes without prior consultation with the Philippine vaping community,” Mark Erana, spokesperson of the Vapers Philippines said.

“What is her expertise in calling for a ban on e-cigarettes? The civil service has a lot of problems that need fixing. Why is their chairperson spending a week in India talking about banning e-cigarettes,” Alan Marciano, secretary general of PRO Vape said.

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