Dry Puff: How Researchers Overturned The Formaldehyde E-Cig Scare


Many e-cig users were disturbed by the findings of researchers at Portland State University who discovered that, just like traditional cigarettes, vaporizers could produce formaldehyde, a highly toxic chemical that causes cancer.

Do Vapes Actually Create Formaldehyde? Studies like this have been linked to sharp drops in the public perception of e-cigarettes. In 2010, around 84% of current smokers believed that vaping was safer than traditional cigarettes. By 2013, that proportion had declined to 65%. But scientific results are never as simple as “good” or “bad,” and the media has a tendency of dumbing down findings to spin out eye-catching headlines.

True to form, the “formaldehyde study” is far more complicated than the sensational logic behind headlines like “Before You Vape: High Levels Of Formaldehyde Hidden In E-Cigs” (a story NBC News ran in January 2015).

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