Marlboro Will Soon Stop Making and Selling Cigarettes

The company is looking to move away from cigarettes, as the number of smokers continues to decline year by year.

For those of you who continue to compare apples to oranges like comparing alcohol to cigarettes, nicotine, in other words, cigarettes are the only product on the market that when used as intended will kill you! And they are meant to get you addicted so that you can keep lining the pockets of the cigarette manufacturers.

Every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention, tobacco use causes nearly six million deaths globally.

And now it’s official, Marlboro has announced they will stop making cigarettes! Marlboro Cigarettes, owned by the world’s biggest cigarette company, Philip Morris International, announced they are moving toward smokeless alternatives and smoke-free products, such as e-cigarettes and safer tobacco products.

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