Start vaping in 5 easy steps, the beginners’ guide

If you’re a smoker, vaping the right device with the right vape juice can provide you with the same kind of satisfaction as cigarettes. The added benefit is a seriously wide range of flavors to choose. But, even though the vape kits on the market have significantly improved over the years and make it simpler for a smoker to switch, there is still a learning process that new vapers need to go through to get the best out of their gear when they first start vaping.

So we decided to help: here’s how a smoker can switch to vaping in five easy steps.

  1. Pick your experience

Before buying, think about exactly what it is you like about smoking and how that might affect your choice of vape? Vaping is supposed to be enjoyable and give you satisfaction in the same way smoking does, and it is so versatile that you can have lots of different experiences with the various combinations of vape kits and vape juice. Here are four questions we think you should ask yourself before choosing your gear:

  • Do you crave the kind of satisfaction nicotine gives you and want an experience that has a punchy hit?
  • Or do you prefer the sensory aspects of smoking – perhaps you smoke menthols or flavored cigars – and you’d like something that caters to this desire?
  • Are big clouds more important to you or would you rather be more discreet when you vape?
  • Do you want a big device that makes an impression when you show it to people or would you prefer something smaller and more pocket-friendly?

Once you’ve thought about and answered these you’re ready to go shopping!

  1. Pick your device

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