Hazardous misrepresentation of facts

Ped xing

Banning e-cigarets defies logic.

More than this, the plan is simply against common sense.

Picture a  sinking ship, and imagine somebody throwing a life preserver at you.

Would you complain that the floatation device is dirty, ill-fitting, or crawling with ants and other insects?

In short, staying alive exacts some measure of inconvenience. You just can’t be choosy about lifelines.

Quite concededly, life is all about choices.

But sometimes it is also about chances or opportunities, and how we grab them.

When life crisis strikes or death is certain, we head for the nearest exit or the quickest fix.

And yet, some people insist on debating survival rates when the ship has already gone belly up.

An Australian tobacco treatment specialist thumped tobacco-control activists advocating the ban on e-cigarets saying they are blinded by their commitment to destroy the tobacco industry while ignoring the potential of life-saving harm reduction alternatives such as vaping.


Read more about this article here: http://www.journal.com.ph/editorial/opinion/hazardous-misrepresentation-of-facts

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