Terms and Policies

In compliance with the government regulations, we will require one valid government issued ID with birthday before we process your new order.

We respect your privacy.

  • Data Privacy and Security

We are not storing any private and sensitive information in our online system.

We are saving it in an offline and secured location. 

  • Deliveries can be made same-day or next-day within Metro Manila (NO Saturdays and Sundays).

Planet Vape processes all new orders and order inquiries in at most 2 to 3 working days. If your order falls on a Friday at 4pm, the processing will start on Monday. Processing includes email conversations and other clarifications regarding your order.

  • No shipping on holidays

If your order falls on one of the Philippine holidays, expect the shipping to be processed after that. Planet Vape has the rights to delay any shipping that falls on Philippine holidays.
If your order has been made before the holiday  and took the 2-3 days processing, Planet Vape will do its best to send your product before the courier’s cut-off delivery on that said holiday. Planet Vape will inform you if your order has been processed and shipped.

  • Refund Policy and Warranty

Planet Vape warrants that the item sold is of good condition and is free from any defects. The items carries a warranty provided by the manufacturer of the product and is subject to repair or replacement guarantee from any defects of the items purchased free from any damage that might be caused by the owner against use or misuse.  The Repairs or replacement for hardwares  (excluding battery and e liquids) are allowed within 7days from the time the recipient received the item with all its original accessories or packaging.

Planet Vape does not warrant the following:

  1. Damaged cause by the owner such as but no limited to the following:
  2. Dropping of the Unit
  3. Alterations or modifications made by the User to the Unit
  4. Any form of stripping or insulating that would change the practical use of the Unit, Battery or Charger
  5. Damaged Caused by the owner through misuse such as but not limited to the following
  6. Improper Storage such as but not limited to the storage of the Unit with the Battery and Atomizer that might complete the circuit
  7. Using the Units in unrated or below the safety standard i.e. sub-ohm builds

 In case of defects in the products as a result of improper handling of the products, accidents, breakage and other defects as stated above, the User/Buyer shall be solely responsible thereof and shall hold the Maker, Seller or Retailer free from any liability, whether civil and/or criminal.

  • COD Policy Guidelines

    1. We offer Cash-on-Delivery (COD) within Metro Manila (for now).
    2. If you wish to pay Cash-on-Delivery (COD) for your order, by ticking the Cash on
      Delivery option, you agree to pay in full amount and accept all items included in the invoice.
    3. Please remember to prepare the EXACT amount as payment for your order; our
      delivery personnel do not carry change. Ever.
    4. Our courier partner will get in touch via SMS confirming your delivery details,
      prior to processing your order. Please reply, so we know it’s a done deal.
    5. Upon delivery, you will be given an Acknowledgement Receipt with your order details (name, items ordered & amount due).
    6. As soon as payment has been received and validated by our delivery personnel,
      the transaction is complete and the items are officially yours.
    7. Just a reminder: Our stocks are limited, and in-demand. Should you fail to pay for your order, it will automatically be returned and will be made available to other customers. Repeat offenders of this policy will render their COD option disabled