How to Blow O’s the right way!

How does one become an expert at blowing O’s? It is not easy, but the process isn’t too difficult to practice! 

  1. Take a hit off your vape mod
    Do not fully inhale vapor to your lungs. You need to leave a little room in there for air so you can push more than just vapor out of your mouth. When you are inhaling, try to hold the vapor in your throat so your lungs, in your chest (biology, right?), can hold a majority of air for proper launching.
  2. Shape your mouth into a circle
    You can do this as you wish. The most effective way to practice though is pushing your lips into your teeth. Not like you are growling, but like you are forming a circle with your lips. Leave a little overhang when you do. In other words, do not form the circle with your teeth. That doesn’t work and they don’t move anyway. Your jaw just opens and closes, so use your lips with a slightly open mouth.
  3. Push vapor using your chest and throat Some say the action you need is like coughing, however, saying the letter may be just as effective! Of course, you don’t need to say the sound, just go through the motions without using your voice.

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