The creator of the nicotine patch says that ‘anti-vaping forces’ are trying to kill the life-saving e-cig industry

You could say that Jed Rose has spent his entire career – his entire life, even – trying to get people to smoke fewer cigarettes.

Rose’s father died at 47 of smoking-related heart disease. Then, as a post-doc at UCLA, Rose became fascinated with how millions of people, like his own dad, could become cripplingly addicted to a drug that “doesn’t get people visibly high.”

Man with an electronic cigarette sitting on the windowsill at home,relaxing after hard day

Since then, he’s pioneered patches, drugs, and vape-like e-cigarette prototypes that target smokers in the hopes they will make a switch that could net them extra years of life.

Rose’s insatiable interest in smoking cessation has bolstered a 40-plus year academic and industry-sponsored career.

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